Ban On Drumming And Noise-Making

The annual ban on drumming and noise making will commence on Monday, 6th May 2024 to Thursday 6 th June 2024.

The ban will encompass all forms of noise making, including the use of loudspeakers, drums, tambourines, clapping of hands, and any other musical instruments within the Ga State. During this period, there should be no merry-making or holding of funerals.

A task force, in collaboration with REGSEC and various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies, has been established to work with the Ghana Police Service and other security agencies to monitor and ensure compliance with the ban and also prosecute individuals who fail to comply.

The Ga Traditional Council extends its gratitude f or the cooperation of all stakeholders in upholding Ga customs, practices, and traditions. They further urged all residents of the Ga state to honour the month-long ban on drumming and noise making and refrain from disparaging remarks regarding the customs, practices, and beliefs of the Ga people whose traditions and culture are integral to their identity and are cherished deeply.