Patience Osei-Nyarko Puorideme

Patience Osei-Nyarko Puorideme
Director, Physical Planning

The Physical Planning Department is one of the thirteen (13) decentralized departments under the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly. The Department as per its establishment instruments operates by the mission "To plan, manage and implement harmonious, sustainable and cost effective development of human settlements and environmental horticulture in the Municipality in accordance with sound environmental and planning principles"

In line with its mission, the Department serves as Secretariat to Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly Spatial Planning Committee. In this regard, it processes Development/Building Permits applications for consideration by the Committee in line with approved Planning Schemes. The Department derives its mandate from these main legal instruments, namely;

    1. National Development Planning Commission Act, 1994 (Act 479)
    2. National Development Planning (Systems) Act, 1994 (Act 480)
    3. Local Government (Departments of District Assemblies) (Commencement) Instrument 2009 (L.I. 1961)
    4. Local Governance Act, 2016 (Act 936) Amendment Act, 2017 (Act 940); Second schedule
    5. Land Use and Spatial Planning Act, 2016 (Act 925) , Section 185 (4).
    6. Land Use and Spatial Planning Regulations LI 2384, 2019.
    7. National Building Regulation, 1996 (LI 1630).


The Department is headed by the Director assisted by two Deputies in charge of Spatial Planning Unit and Parks &Gardens Unit. The Department has two (2) main Units with Six (6) sections. In addition, there is an Administration and Research Unit to support its activities. The structure of the Department is as follows;

The scope of work of the internal audit unit is to determine whether the organization’s network of risk management, is adequate and functioning in a manner to ensure:

1. Spatial Planning Unit
a. Spatial Plan Preparation & Management Section
b. Development Control & Planning Inspectorate Section
c. GIS & Street Addressing Section

2. Parks & Gardens Unit
a. Landscape Planning & Development Section
b. Nursery & Floral Section
c. Operations & Maintenance Sections

The technical organization details are captured in he Oranogram of the Physical Planning Department below:
Source: Operational Manual of Physical Planning Department, OHLGS, November 2018


The main responsibilities of the Department in accordance with the LI 1961 include the following;

1. Preparation of land use plans (structure plans) to direct and guide the growth and sustainable development of human settlements in the assembly.
2. Assessment of zoning status of lands and proposal of re-zoning where necessary.
3. Co-ordination of the diverse physical developments promoted by departments, agencies of government and private developers.
4. Administration of land use management procedures in settlements and channeling of day to day physical developments into efficient forms and sound environmental places of residence, work and recreation.
5. Processing of development/building permit application documents for consideration by the Statutory Planning Committees.
6. Creating awareness about the need to obtain planning and developments permits, as well as the right procedure to use.
7. Advise the District Assembly on national policies on physical planning, land use and development.
8. Assist in preparation of physical plans as a guide for the formulation of development policies and decisions and to design projects in the district.
9. Ensure the prohibition of the construction of new buildings unless building plans submitted have been approved by the Assembly.
10. Advise the Assembly on the siting of bill boards, masts and ensure compliance with the decisions of the Assembly.
11. Advise on the acquisition of landed property in the public interest.
12. Undertake street naming, numbering of house and related issues