Closing of the Winter School “Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy” for staff of Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly

10 specialized employees of the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly from the city of Accra (Ghana) have undergone training at the “Solid Waste Management and Circular Economy” school of the RUDN Institute of Ecology.

The problem of handling and disposal of MSW has been one of the priorities for Ghana. The region occupies one of the first places in terms of the degree of contamination of territories with municipal solid waste (MSW). It is worth knowing that approximately 50% of all electrical appliances end up in city landfills, where they are subsequently burned, releasing pollutants into the atmosphere. Also, 129 million tons of broken electronics per year arrive in the region.

In 2023, RUDN University and the Korle Klottey Municipal Assembly signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of science and education. Upskilling for Ghanaian colleagues is the first step in implementing the agreement.

Deputy Vice-Rector for International Activities of RUDN University, Natalya Syulkova stated that "holding a winter school plays an important role in the development of bilateral cooperation in the field of education and science with partners from Africa".

As emphasized by the director of the RUDN Institute of Ecology, the training was practice-oriented. Participants from Ghana visited advanced industrial sites for waste management, where they got themselves acquaintance with modern equipment and technologies that are used in the field of MSW management in Russia.

Participants also got acquainted with modern equipment and new technologies in the field of collection, storage and disposal of municipal solid waste.

The problem of waste management is one of the main ones for many countries. To effectively manage MSW and increase the share of secondary raw materials that go into recycling, methods are being developed that can automate processes, and IT technologies are being introduced at all stages: during collection, accumulation, logistics and processing.

On behalf of the Municipality, the Municipal Planning Officer, Amoah Alex Badu expressed his gratitude to RUDN University for organizing this advanced training. He further stated his confidence that the experience and knowledge gained during the training will be used to address the issue of waste disposal, processing and storage.

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